I am almost half way through the course work for my Masters Degree!


I drink far more coffee than I should (I think, though I cap it at two per day and rarely get over one).


I’m contemplating some ink.


I like church and love being involved there, but sometimes I think I’m too involved. I’d like to have some time to hang out with people not from my church, maybe play volleyball again. Mind you, unless I had something scheduled, school would just eat up all non-spoken for time.


I’d like to learn Chinese.


I finished a book this weekend, Striving for the Wind by Meja Mwangi. Its a Kenyan book, so me telling you about it will probably mean nothing because I’m sure you can’t find it here unless you 1) raid my bookshelf (bad option) or 2) order it through something like AbeBooks (a site I love and from which I get most of my textbooks/other books I can’t find elsewhere). At any rate, it was an excellent read and, I thought, an interesting commentary on life in Kenya during the last few decades (post Mau Mau). Dad brought me back a few books from Kenya and I’m gradually going through them and really enjoying them all so far.


Today is March 15. I have two wonderful friends and a step-mother (who is also wonderful. Whew, almost blew it on that one!) who entered the world today. Happy Birthday Nicole, Karen, and Colleen!


Tonight, my goal is to get to bed before midnight. That might be a first in, oh, three weeks?


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