Oh dear, yes. I’m weighing in.

I haven’t been following the debate in the United States as closely as I would like to have been. I don’t know the precise wording of the bill that was voted for last night. But one thing confuses me greatly: I have been scratching my head all day wondering why so many Americans (and American Christians) are against public healthcare. What it comes down to for me is “Why would any follower of Jesus be against something that cares for the poor and less-fortunate. Isn’t that what we are supposed to do? I’m pretty sure that is the good news that Jesus came to proclaim. (The whole sight for the blind, freedom for captives, etc. thing.)

I’ve been reading a few blogs around cyberspace today, and (unsurprisingly) most of the American’s I follow are quite happy about the whole thing. The one that got me was discovering that hayfever is a preexisting condition that means you can be denied insurance in the US. Say what?! Then there is my former Bible College classmate who has joined a Facebook group that is “304,059,724 against Obama’s Healthcare takeover”. (When I last checked, they were not actually at that number yet.) One gem posted on the wall is “The government in this country cannot and should not force health care on us.” I am sure no one would force anyone to get medical treatment, though it sure would be nice to have it if you need it.

As I said in a reply to a post on Jesus Needs New PR: “I’m not asking this in a “I’m right, you’re wrong” sort of way. The last thing I want is an us/them debate. I am genuinely curious because right now this whole debate is at the top of my “Things I really do not understand what the fuss is all about” list and I want to understand.”


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