Getting Credit

Is it wrong to want credit for your work? I’m not a professional photographer, by any means, but I am proud of the photos that I take (or the ones that are good enough to share) and I enjoy sharing them with (willing) people.

After a recent adventure, I gave some photos I had taken to a friend of her and her family. Somehow, they ended up in a group bank of photos and now five of them have found their way into a documentary of that adventure. Four photographers are credited at the conclusion of the documentary. I am not one of them.

It is a little thing, but is it wrong to be upset about that? [Additional background information: I mentioned it one of the producers after the original screening, and he said he’d look after it.] Now that the documentary has been distributed, there isn’t much I can do about getting my name in there. I could ask to have my photos removed from the database, but that seems petty. Or is it? I just don’t like the idea of people using my photos without my permission or without getting the credit for it.


2 thoughts on “Getting Credit

  1. I can definitely understand why you are upset. You are a really good photographer and deserve credit for what you do!

  2. Oh yes pull the photos….you didn’t ask for much, just credit….if their is money involved then the answer is obvious. It is your work, your art, your property

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