My head is still spinning from this past weekend [possibly also spinning because I had a paper due hours after the conference ended and I’ve been going non-stop on writing since then…]. It is a blur of good times with good friends, late night conversations, stimulating presentations at the conference, uplifting music, new friends, inspiring discussions, new connections, and so much more. I hope that the discussions that began during the conference will continue now that the excitement and immediacy of the event has died down.

While there was nothing newly revolutionary to my thought processes, the challenge of safe space was renewed for me. As Brian said, “Create a safe space to learn and grown and suddenly it is safe for others to join because they are joining a conversation not a denomination.” This is what we were trying to accomplish with our Modern Retelling of the Stations of the Cross over this past Lent. It is the hope of our monthly Theology Pub events. It is my approach to church as well. I love the denomination that I currently go to – I grew up in the Anglican church and returned to it three years ago. However, I’m not going to introduce a friend to the Anglican Church. I am going to introduce them to Jesus and where they go from there is up to them. Yes, filling up emptying pews is a good thing… for our financial overhead… but it isn’t my primary motivation. I would much rather people join into the conversation than get involved in an institution.

The other thing Brian said that stood out to me was,

Liberating people from what keeps them apart from relationship with God and others.

I feel like this is what what my job is [going to be] as a counsellor. It is what I want my job description to be as a counsellor: Creating safe spaces for people to discover who they really are and grow in their relationships.

For full, comprehensive notes, check out the blog of a priest in the diocese who attended. He’s summarized things far better than I can/will:

Also, I read a story about Steve Bell, who did the music for the conference as well as a concert on the last night. Not only do I think what Steve did absolutely wonderful, I am proud of whoever at the Cathedral relaxed enough to let the shopping cart come in.


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