My Summer of Injury

A little dramatic, maybe.

I restarted yoga about four weeks ago. It is hot yoga and my body loves it, so I usually go at least three times a week. Key components include balancing on your feet and kneeling on the knees. I mention this, because I have turned into an accident-prone klutz over the past couple of weekends.

Last Sunday, I was walking home from downtown in a new-ish pair of sandals and my feet began to hurt a little. I didn’t think anything of it until that evening when I washed my feet before bed and realized that I had a blister on each heel as well as an additional blister on the ball of my left foot. Pain! I wore my most comfortable flipflops to work the next day as that is about all my feet wanted and, sadly, had to miss my Monday and Tuesday yoga. I was all better in time for the usual Thursday and Friday sessions and then, as usual, took the weekend off.

This Sunday, I was down at the dock in the Inner Harbour as the SALTS ships came in from the end of their trip. The Swift came in first and everyone was grabbing her lines so I went to the wharf where the Grace was coming in. They tossed me the bow line and, as I lunged for the lead heaving line that looked like it was about to fall short and plunge into the harbour, I bailed on the dock leaving half of my left knee behind. It hurts. It oozed through two sets of bandages yesterday and got gunk on my sheets last night. It kept oozing this morning so I had to cover it up again. Sooo, no yoga for me today or tomorrow. Sigh.


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