Postponed Indefinitely

Two words I’m not overly fond of at the moment. Postponed indefinitely. My trip to Myanmar has been postponed indefinitely by our friends in Myanmar. I understand and fully support the reason: it just is not safe. An election has finally been called for Myanmar. It is to take place in the fall, weeks before we were set to go. Myanmar doesn’t have a great track record with elections: the results are usually a foregone conclusion. The last one they held saw the military imprisoning the overwhelming winner Aung San Suu Kyi. Twenty-years later, she is still in house arrest and prohibited from running in this election.

Since then, Myanmar has had a few uprisings. The most recent one being the huge monks uprising in 2007. Accordingly, the government is pretty wary of letting people congregate at any time, especially not around the time of an election. Our friends are having a hard time getting the permit to hold the celebration we had intended to attend. They have decided that they do not think we would be as safe as we would like if we were to come in December and, even if we were safe, we would likely not be allowed to leave the city of Yangon. I don’t particularly want to fly halfway around the world to be confined to a big, busy city and miss out on the smaller places and other people who represent more of the real country.

Yes, the plan is still go go another time when the situation on the ground there is a little better. However as far as trips this fall go, it looks like I’m staying right here and will be continuing to pray for our friends and the rest of the people of Myanmar.


2 thoughts on “Postponed Indefinitely

  1. Sad news Gillian! Mostly for Myanmar…but also for you and your team. I hope things work out soon. Maybe now you can go to Africa for Christmas…

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