Votes Please

For those of you on Facebook, it would make me endlessly happy if you joined this group, Paradise Boutique (you can un-join it after the 12th if you like) and then “liked” the photo of me. You can help me win $500 to one of my favourite stores! I’m currently in third place so I need all the votes I can get!

Vote soon and tell all your friends! There are two weeks of competition. Thanks!!

The competition was that for a $5 donation to the Youth Empowerment Society (YES), we got five minutes in the store to pull together an outfit and put it on. They then took our pictures and they are all posted on Facebook for voting. It is a locally owned store that began as a bathing suit shop. They still carry amazing swimsuits, though I don’t own one of them. They also carry lots of local and independent designer clothing lines and always have some fun stuff. I have gotten a few great things from there in the past.


2 thoughts on “Votes Please

  1. Sad I wasn’t there, or I might have joined the contest…although happy, because we don’t want any vote splitting going on…GO GILLIAN!! I have one – shhh, actually two – of their bathing suits…love everything there.

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