Life and All That

I went to a conference on Stress in the Family System last weekend. I’m pretty sure the stress part was describing me. One of the presenters was talking about the biological aspects of stress – that long-term stress results in hippocampal shrinkage (which is not good). However he also said that learning increases hippocampal size. My notes in the margin read “Hopefully my learning increases are countering my stress decreases.”

Its been a long few weeks. I’m trying to finish my last course on a strong note, however I’m kind of over paper writing at the moment. On top of that, I need to do some magic like I did this summer where I work myself ahead of the game so that I can go on holidays. I’m going on holidays the last week of my course… Not that school is providing all of my stress. There are plenty of other things contributing to that. I’ve begun to reduce me commitment level and hopefully things will be good from here on in. Getting back into a yoga routine has helped as well, though I’m still not going as much as I’d like to be.

Until next time… maybe check the side bar? 140 characters is about the peak of my mental contributions to the blogosphere lately.


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