Anything and Nothing

I am reveling in the fact that I am all done my coursework until the New Year! It is an incredible feeling, after 14 months of more-or-less non-stop school, to have time to do anything or nothing. I am enjoying being able to come home from work and read a book or knit, guilt free. I can go to bed at 9pm without feeling that I’ve missed out on school work. Or I can stay up until midnight reading a book “for fun”. It really is a wonderful thing. Whole days have gone by without me turning on my computer. The computer may feel left out, but I love leaving it off! The downside is that I am getting out of practice writing and my journaling and blogging suffers.

I’m also beginning to prepare myself for a busy January. I’ll be doing my practicum (here and here) four days a week as well as hopefully working two days a week. That will give me approximately only Sunday, and the odd Thursday afternoon, to sleep, read, and catch up with people. As a result, I’ve started to let go of other commitments. The major weight lifted is that I’ve resigned from the committee at church that was sucking up my time (and my soul…).

Until then, I’ll be reading up a storm and working on some knitting projects. I sewed a skirt on Saturday and started a new knitting project on Sunday. I’m ambitiously reading a 700+ page non-fiction book “for fun” and have four more on the floor to get through between now and Christmas. I have a good supply of chocolate and tea, not to mention the leftover mulled wine and spiced apple cider left from my party on the weekend. I could get used to this.


One thought on “Anything and Nothing

  1. Sounds splendid… Can’t believe you are already here!! You are almost done!!!! I think I’m jealous.

    Enjoy the time off and all the books and other treasures. 🙂

    Good chance to refill your tanks – creative tank, emotional tank, patience tank… I’m happy for you!


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