I rang in the New Year sitting on my friends couch with a tired dog sitting on my feet. It was great to spend time with good friends. New Years always seems fairly anticlimactic. Is this just a holiday invented for parties and drinking?


I nearly reached my goal of a book per week. The 5 weeks of two courses and the two months of leading a grief group/organizing a discussion series/school/work took a toll so I was three books shy… but it isn’t about numbers. I read some great books in 2010, and some less than fantastic (and a lot of parts of text books).

A bunch of things got crossed off of the list this year, and there are many works in progress.

The close of 2010 also saw me finishing off all of the coursework for my Masters. Only the practicum remains. I start 2011 with a certain amount of apprehension. My life is completely changing as of this week. I am dropping down to two days of work per week, meaning I am going to have to budget finances closely to break even with living expenses. I am hoping to be getting 20 hours per week of practicum spread between two sites. However, as of right now, I have no appointments booked. So now I have the concern of actually finding people with whom to work on top of the nerves of actually counselling real people.

On a positive note, Christmas in Edmonton was a lot of fun. I have had an unusual amount of time with my sister this year, between a week in San Francisco and a week in Edmonton with just the two of us. We lazed around, walked endlessly, and enjoyed doing nothing and still a lot of things. We managed to connect with nearly everyone in the family, including a Christmas morning skype with Dad and Colleen in Malawi. So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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