Friday Photo(s)

Homage to coffee. Its a wonderful thing.

(Points to anyone who can guess which Victoria coffee shops those are at – I’ll buy you a coffee! Hints: They are all downtown, with the exception of the top right (which was at my friend’s parent’s cabin, so that is a freebie) and the middle left, which was in Cadboro Bay… Guess away!)


2 thoughts on “Friday Photo(s)

  1. Why don’t I know of any coffee shops in Cadboro Bay?

    I guess: Discovery Coffee, Caddy Bay random (I MUST investigate now!), 2% Jazz, Habit (who could miss that distinctive glassware!) and Solstice (the chocolate!)

    • Not bad, not bad. You got Habit and Solstice! The mocha at the top is actually Mirage. The one with the map on the table is Bean Around the World.
      Caddy Bay – you must check out Olive Olio’s. Much better than the Starbucks option down there!

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