On Writing

There seems to be so much going on yet writing doesn’t come as easily right now. Perhaps this is a factor of my current fragmented schedule. Perhaps this is because I am no longer spending hours at a time on my computer and have no reminder to write and need no distractions from other writing. Perhaps it is because I am not writing anything write now: no papers, no discussion posts for school, and sometimes not even my journal – I am out of practice. Perhaps it is all of the above. Posts still get partially formulated in my head but by the time I remember to jot them down, they are gone.

I spent two days in Vancouver last week. It actually ended up being only about 40 hours from the time I left my door to the time I walked back in it. My computer was turned off Wednesday night and not turned back on again until Monday morning. After 18 months of non-stop coursework via computer, the ability to do that is wonderfully freeing. [I still check email on my phone and remain connected to the world that way, but there is something wonderful about turning off the computer and not having to be connected that way.]

This weekend I begin another project that will have me spend more time reflecting on spirituality and spending more time on my computer. I am planning a follow up to our successful Holy Week installation at the Cathedral last year. I hope to share my reflections and ideas as I go forward on this and hopefully the writing will get me writing other things as well!


2 thoughts on “On Writing

  1. Can’t wait to hear about it…I’ve been wondering what you guys were planning this year. I hope it is equally great and offers a sense of follow-up to last year, but also stands alone… I wish I could go. Take pictures. 🙂

    • I’m excited! I’ve got my hands on the ginormous labyrinth I’m going to use and now have to write the meditations to use during the walk.

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