Friday Photo

Even if I’m horrible at posting during the week, at least I make an effort on Fridays…

Its fun to go through old photos now and again… this one goes back a whopping 27 years to a time when my cousin and I wore matching dresses and danced (? fought?) on the lawn of my grandparents house.

The reason for this memory lane is two fold: I have not taken any photos this week and I am hanging out with this cousin this week!

I’m in Ontario… I’m attending a conference in London next week and took the opportunity to come a few days early and spend time with my Aunt and Uncle in Sarnia and Godparents in London. After a ridiculous red-eye flight, I arrived yesterday morning. My computer and my watch are telling me different times and my body is rebelling against all of them.

My cousin in Quebec (the one above) is back for the week (and other cousin in Kitchener arrives sometime today), so I have been able to spend some time with everyone!


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