Where Have I Been?

I have been doing a lot of talking and writing lately, just not here. It is hard when you exhaust yourself in talking – in the most wonderful way possible – to then re-talk through things in writing on a blog. Even harder when the talking lasts for hours and goes far past my bedtime. But the talking has been good, so good.

The writing has also been a lot of thesis rewrites. But in good news, it is all accepted now and I am completely finished. That is a wonderful weight off of my shoulders to first of all have it finished and second of all have it finished before I go sailing next week.

It does bring the “What next?” question to the fore. I am planning on staying in Victoria for the time being, continuing my part time work, picking up casual shifts with other organizations, volunteer counselling, and continuing to be involved at church. Other than that? The future is wide open. Suggestions being taken.


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