Going Sailing in the Morning

I’m getting on a bus this morning to head over to Ucluelet. There I will board the Pacific Swift for 10 days of sailing around the West Coast of Vancouver Island before returning to Victoria. I am looking forward to this trip in so many ways.

I have been involved with SALTS for 12 years. From my first trip, as a high school student at a new school in a new city and province, I was hooked. Three days was not enough. I arrived home and immediately signed up to go on a 10 day trip the next summer. Since then, I have been a volunteer and professional crew in several different roles. Soon, ten day trip were not enough and I worked for them for two years, sailing around the Pacific Ocean.

There will be no remote South Pacific Islands on this trip. However, the coastline I am about to explore is amongst the most beautiful in the world. From rugged rocky coastlines to sandy beaches, from tall spruce and cedar forests to the red flashes of arbutus, from rolling breakers to natural hot springs.

It will be a wonderful ten days.

Here are some of the memories from previous trips… I look forward to making more soon…


One thought on “Going Sailing in the Morning

  1. I read the title of your blog in the tune of “I’m getting married in he morning” from my fair lady. Have a great trip!

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