I’m sailing the West Coast of Vancouver Island right now, but I couldn’t resist leaving a few West Coast sailing memories to keep you company while I’m gone.

Fog. It is a way of life when sailing around Vancouver Island. Hopefully we are not encountering too much of it this week.

Sailing the West Coast, I have had full days of fog, with the blast of the fog horn going off every minute or so. It is amazing how one becomes so accustomed to hearing the horn that one is able to tune it out. Life carries on with minimal interruption after awhile. Conversations pause mid-word to allow the blast to pass and then pick right back up without any notice.

When the fog lifts and the fog horn goes off, it is a strange silence that descends over the boat, especially if the motor is also off. All of a sudden the fog horn becomes noticed again, this time in its absence.

It is interesting how we are able to tune out annoyances so that life can continue without any interruption while they continue to occur. Then, when the annoyance ends, it is like a weight has been lifted and peace descends. That which we didn’t know was bothering us is gone and all of a sudden we realize just how much it was taking out of us.

I wish you clear days and smooth sailing, on and off the water.


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