Wait! There is More!

Now that I have the attention of the government…

I received an emailed letter from the Minister of the Environment, The Honourable Peter Kent today. I’m hoping for a letter from the Minister of Health next, and, since Kent forwarded my letter to them, I’m also anticipating hearing from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, International Trade, and Labour. I should start a scrap book.

Does it sound like he agrees with us but isn’t allowed to outright say so?


2 thoughts on “Wait! There is More!

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  2. Nice! I appreciated his comment about “the Canada” on the international level…so human.

    It is nice to get some better feedback.

    I wonder if they remember what it is like to be almost thirty and brilliant…their messages are so “bossy” sounding…so not the coffee-drinking-mac-toting-vegetable leather-wearing-grass-rootsy-well-read-Pacific-sailing young adult that you are. I think they forget about what it feels like.

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