And then I dropped off of the face of the planet for two weeks. That might have had something to do with working 60 hours at one job (all overnight shifts) and 21 hours at the other in the space of eight days. I don’t really want to do that math, especially when you figure in all of the extra-curriculars that I had in there as well. And then lets not talk about the 16 hours I slept one afternoon/evening/night, sleeping through the alarm that was supposed to wake me in time to go to opening night of the world premier for an opera.

In more exciting news, last week was also one of events that have felt a long time coming. Within the space of 3 days, I interviewed and was offered a full time (temporary – maternity leave) position at the place where I have been working casual. It is something of a social work position working with individuals in transitional housing and an emergency shelter. I start next week with a three day conference in Vancouver. It is daytime hours only…!

Possibly more exciting things coming up in the next few weeks.


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