In the busy-ness of packing to move and adjusting to a new job, I have neglected posting.

A friend is a contributor to a site that has been posting short reflections each day of advent so far. One resonated with me, both because I am preparing to move to a new house and because I spend my days with those who have no house.

Imagine a world where everyone had a decent place to live. Everyone had a home.

Imagine a world where no one was homeless. No one slept on the streets. No one froze to death in winter.

Imagine a world without slums. Without slum landlords. Without housing unfit for dogs, let alone humans, to live in.

Just imagine!

Come Lord Jesus. Come quickly!


One thought on “Homes

  1. You are moving? Where? Why? When?
    That piece of poetry and prayer is beautiful. I dream of a homeless-free world.

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