Here I am, in the comfort of my new home. It has been a busy week. With visits to the doctor and police station keeping me nearly three hours late at work the day before last, it is a wonder I have unpacked as much as I have. Approximately four boxes remain and then it is a matter of making tweaks to the storage here and there. I enjoy the process of finding homes for everything more than I enjoy packing things up. I’ve even found time and space to put up my Christmas tree! (And have gotten compliments on it from everyone who has come to the door! Yay Dad!) And I’ve received my first piece of mail to the new address (Thanks Nancy!).


One thought on “Settled

  1. Glad to hear it! Moving is always tricky! I’m so keen to hear about how things are shaping up in your new place…your new community!

    Are you on the mainland at all over the holidays?

    Anna 🙂

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