Free Day

Yesterday was a free day. It was a free day in multiple meanings of the word.

It was a glorious day of having absolutely nothing planned. Of course, because there was nothing planned, I woke up unreasonably early and couldn’t get back to sleep. So after puttering around the house for a few hours, I walked down to the movie theatre to catch the encore performance of The Enchanted Island, a Met at the Movies Live in HD performance. I have only made it to one of these so far this year (Philip Glass’ Satyagraha, which was magnificent) and it had some technical difficulties so the owner of the theatre had given us all a free pass to come again. So I did. It was nearly four hours of beauty and music to the ears and a marvelous way to spend a Saturday morning.

After walking all around town afterwards, I finally settled down at one of my favourite coffee shops where, you guessed it, I had a free coffee and worked on writing what I will be speaking next Sunday at a neighbouring church.

So free show, free coffee and a day with no plans and no agenda. What a lovely day it was.


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