Friday Photo

Pretty much every minute I was not at work last week, I was at church. I spent all of Saturday morning at the Cathedral (left), my home place of worship and both a building and a family of people that I am coming to love very much, for a leadership development morning with others on the parish council. I spent all of Sunday morning at St John the Divine (right) where I spoke on PWRDF at both the 8am (insanely early) and 10am services.


3 thoughts on “Friday Photo

  1. O pious one!, listened to your Pod Cast and you sounded marvelous…your not to shabby as a speaker!….maybe it will be your calling?…….

    • Thanks. It is always weird to hear yourself speak. I didn’t know they were recording it.
      But O pious one?!? I will continue to pray for your soul. 😉

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