Ask & Imagine

Glory to God whose power working in us can do infinitely more than we can Ask or Imagine


I’ve been here for nearly a week but “getting settled in London” still hits me as a bit of a misnomer. I spent two lovely days with my godparents, have seen and dropped a few things off at the place where I will be living come the end of the month, and now am living at Huron University College residences for the program Ask & Imagine.

As of yesterday, we’ve all met, we’ve played games together, we’ve cooked and eaten together, and we’ve worshiped together. Today begins our first full day. It is as much a new experience for all of our young scholars as it is for me. And it is fantastic.


2 thoughts on “Ask & Imagine

  1. Victoria seems a little darker without your shining light Gillian but It makes me happy that you’re “settling” in, more importantly that you used the word fantastic to describe your new job!

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