The Labyrinth by Candle and Moonlight

IMG_1529 IMG_1511_2

We took the scholars up to the labyrinth and invited them to walk through it contemplating some of the questions of the Examen.

What we didn’t take into account was that small tapers inside of paper bags don’t actually stay lit for very long. Instead of walking the labyrinth with the scholars and the leadership team, I ended up darting here and there throughout the labyrinth relighting candles that had blown out and replacing candles that had burned out.

What I encountered was a very different experience than those who took the winding path through the labyrinth. Upon reflection, it was as though I was a small part of everyone’s journeys: by hunkering down at this corner or that, I ensured that the path was lit for the return home.



One thought on “The Labyrinth by Candle and Moonlight

  1. You have been part of many peoples journeys Gillian, including mine, and I know that you lit the way for me at that time. Thank you!

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