One Year On

I’m sitting on the train at the moment. It is 6:30am, far too early to be up and on the road (or train tracks), but here I am.

I was sitting in chapel on Wednesday when I realized that my journey to Huron has come full circle. One year ago this week I was in Ontario for a wedding and a meeting. I spent a lovely thanksgiving weekend in Sarnia before travelling, on October 10th, to London to spend the day talking with faculty and students at Huron University College. It is strange to think of myself then from the point of view of myself now. Yet here I am, one year later, on the same train to Montreal that I took last year on this Friday, with half of my first term of classes under my belt. Wow.


3 thoughts on “One Year On

  1. I remember when you headed back this time last year. Happy Thanksgiving my friend, I hope you have a lovely weekend! p.s. Good coffee awaits!

  2. Keep up the good work! We love hearing how your journey is progressing. The tall tenor and his wife at CCC

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