Two things, posted on the Internet in close succession, from completely different sources, yet somewhat related and looking at some of the deepest needs and structural problems within our society.

The Foodbank, by cartoonist Dave Walker: The problem is just getting worse (and not only in the UK from where Dave Walker is drawing). People don’t have enough to eat around the world. This is one of the reasons why PWRDF started the Fred Says campaign, to highlight the problem of food security. But it is looking internationally. The problem is right in our own backyard and continuing to fill shelves of foodbanks helps, but it merely puts a bandaid on a gaping societal wound.



The Many Faces of Rock Bay Landing: An article in the Victoria Times Colonist about the shelter at which I used to work. Again, it outlines some of the deficits in our current social systems and the problems that has created for a lot of people. That shelter operates over capacity every day of the year. That alone should be enough to cause us to pause and rethink how we define ourselves as a community and country.