That Finger

IMG_0503 IMG_0504  IMG_0518

So I broke my broke my finger just before Christmas.

Despite its beautiful colouring, I really didn’t think that it was broken for a week. However when it only got worse, not better, I decided to go and get it checked out. Lo and behold, it was broken.


It spent two weeks in a giant fibreglass cast over Christmas (good thing it was mild this year – the cast wouldn’t fit into the sleeve of any of my warm jackets!) before migrating to a removable splint (hello full showers – so much nicer!).

Going through my photos I found these three lovely views of the finger. Take note, some of the crook in the finger was already there from an injury in elementary school.

Lovely, eh?

The finger is pretty much all better now. I had a few visits with the therapists in the Hand Clinic here in London and range of motion is back. I can type with both hands again (yay!) and do all of the other things that two handed people do quite comfortably. Its amazing how much one uses the pinky for!


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