I have no words to describe last weekend. Instead, I will direct you to my Dad and his photos of our ordination.

This week we each had our first full days of work at the church. I have an office and keys and have begun to find my way around the parish. I am preaching this Sunday, my first Sunday in the parish, and I don’t know whether to tell people to come or to stay away!

God has called us on a marvellous adventure and day-by-day we seek to discover how we serve God and God’s people


5 thoughts on “Ordination

  1. Sounds and looks magnifent! All the best in your ministries. Blessings from Toronto
    and a former CPE supervisoršŸ˜»! Dr. Honora Carlin

      • I can only imagine how excited you both must be. You have had a whirlwind time of it!
        Come down slowly and enjoy the ride. Blessings! Honora Rose

  2. I so wish Vic and I could be there as you preach for the first time in your parish. We will be there is spirit!

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