Our Loving Creator

Adaption of the Lord’s Prayer written at the 50 Leaders weekend last weekend. It was a collaborative effort done over a space of a couple hours during our spiritual practices downtime.

Our loving creator, rock of our salvation,
Holy be Your beautiful name,
Your dwelling place come,
Your love be known
By everyone on earth.
Give us today the things we need,
and forgive us our faults,
more than we forgive those who offend us,
and journey with us away from temptation,
and protect us from harm.
For blessed is the space,
and the capacity and the delight,
beyond earthly time.



50 Leaders

On the off chance that some young-ish Anglicans find themselves reading this occasionally, you should apply to 50 Leaders.

All of the people in this video are awesome and, as of about 5 weeks ago, are good friends.