Feline Updates

This is your periodic reminder that we basically have the cutest cat on the planet.

Clockwise from top left: Cricket trying to help with sermon writing, exhausted from a particularly good play time, quiet time together reading on the comfy chair, and calm assurances that I probably did okay on my first Sunday as a priest.

She has been a little precocious as of late, and delights in waking us up in the morning. She is always underfoot, especially when we’re in the kitchen, but is never too far away when we’re sitting down either. Sometimes she thinks we starve her, but I’ve never met a cat who thought they had enough food to eat. She periodically gets freaked out by her reflection in the fireplace or dishwasher, though she is just fine when we take pictures or look in the mirror. All in all, she has brought a lot of joy to our lives and we’re pretty happy to have her.



Hello world! I’m Cricket!

Meet Cricket!

Matthew and I adopted an 8-9 month old kitten on Friday. She is a rescue cat who came to us by way of the parents of a friend.

She is still getting used to us, and is a little skittish, but is quickly warming up. After spending her first day entirely under our bed, she is gradually taking over the house. This morning I woke up and discovered her on the kitchen counter. She then discovered the gap between the fridge and wall and proceeded to fight with my apron which hangs there. While still easily startled by quick movements, she has just started to climb over me to get places, pausing for a chin rub on the way. Her meow is not much more than a little squeak but she has a loud purr box! She is quickly becoming a big part of our little family!