Grace Redux

It is important to be thankful for the things that make life good.

Unexpected messages from old friends.

Hummingbirds on, what mum called, “butterfly plants”.

Portabella mushrooms, marinaded, on sandwiches.


Running at twilight.

Wedding invitations.

New yarn to knit with.



About 18 months ago, I had a Grace in Small Things project underway. I got to 56 days of my planned 365 and then things fell by the wayside. The goal was to acknowledge and recognize five things that were good in my day, and to practice that for a year. It was a big commitment. Since I struggle to get a photo up every week on Friday, I am not sure how I thought I could complete daily postings for a year.

The practice, however, was a good one. It reminds me of a part of the practice of Ignatian Examen: to review the events of the day with gratitude, focusing on the people interacted with, the the gifts of the day, and the blessings of small things: conversations, good food eaten, and things seen. It is a good practice.

As I sit here at the kitchen table with good music playing, a mug of Jasmine tea from my last trip to China, and the remnant of my birthday chocolate, I am reminded of these good things. The small things, the simple things that bring joy in life.

I had a killer [bad] day. It was my fourth day in a row of work (three in optometry, one in counselling) and around hour six, I hit the wall of “I. Can. Go. No. Further.”. With two more hours to go, it was a struggle to make it. After dropping off the bank deposit from work I decided to hop into the local Japanese grocery store next door and pick up some miso soup to have with my veggi stirfry for dinner. I have a weakness for good miso soup and they make a good one. (Speaking of miso soup, this is a hilarious job posting!) When I arrived at the store, all their sushi was discounted 50% off. So I had some gyoza and oysters with my stirfry and miso. What a find!

Other joys in my day? I love some of the girls I work with; they are such a blessing and so much fun. I’m going to miss seeing them a few times a week when I finally get my counselling job. My thesis is finished: all I need is a title and I can submit it. I had a brief, but funny conversation with my sister. I love her. I got a wonderful email from a friend. My tea was perfect and hit the spot and soothed my stomach. I spent some time sewing a belt to wear later this week. Dinner has left me more than satisfied. I have leftover sushi for lunch. The smell of grass and rain.