The different coloured shapes aligned in a row caught my eye.


Le Weekend

No Friday Photo today, that I can think of. I’ve been too busy to take many pictures this week and most of the ones I did take were crap…

But, I’m headed to Bamfield this weekend so that will be great and wonderful and fantastic. Hopefully also productive as I still have school work to finish for the week…

In case you hadn’t clued in, I’ve been playing with my layout – I was getting tired of the old one (it was a couple years old…), so we’ll see how this one goes! So far, I like the increased colour.

Because I’m a geek and google my name occasionally (okay, who hasn’t at some point?), I discovered that my name is in WIkipedia.  I feel like I’ve made it.


I trashed my address book in Europe, so I bought a new one last week. Now, I’m soliciting addresses for it: if you think you ever might want me to write you (or even just know where you live!), either email me or write it in comments (which will be screened for this post – none will go up, they will just go to my inbox) so I can add it to the brand-spankin new book. If you’re unsure as to whether you want to give me your address, just think: postcards from Tahiti, Fiji, New Guinea, Japan… well, you probably won’t get all of those, but we can try for one!

UPDATE: Comment Moderation is now turned off again, so if you leave your address in comments, it will be displayed for the world to see. You can email me (address available on profile page if you don’t have it) your address from here on in.

Mwaha. I am now licenced to do first aid. Really, with this and the sub teaching I’ve been doing, I’m just been taking small steps to becoming more like Nolana (my secret hero?!?).