Tweed Riding

Today was the second annual Victoria Tweed Ride.

We all got dressed up in our finest tweed etc. etc. and gathered on the lawn of the Empress before beginning our bicycle ride around town.

It was a gorgeous day.

Sunshine like that makes me happy.

One stop saw us spend some time at the Moss Street Market. It was the first time I’d been able to visit this year and it resulted in me having some magnificent Wicked Dilly Beans by the Food in Jars Canning Co. with my dinner this evening. Yum! I don’t know if I have tried anything pickled that I did not like.

After wandering through back streets and main roads, we made our way to Craigdarroch Castle for lunch and tea.

What a perfect day.

(Well, almost perfect. I broke my saucer as I got home. It is in five pieces so I may be able to glue it.)


Oh Hai…

…its Monday.

The question that I usually ask myself about now is “Where did the weekend go?”

It was stunningly gorgeous this weekend. I took a ferry to Vancouver Friday afternoon and basked in sunshine on the outer deck the entire way. My reading and enjoyment of the outdoors was momentarily interrupted by a whale sighting (“Attention passengers, we will be passing some killer whales on the starboard side” “Starboard side? Starboard side?!?! Where is the starboard side??” “Relax. You’re on the starboard side.” = Infestation of every single passenger on board, blocking my sunshine and view.). But, I did get a tan (I have sandal lines to prove it!) and I did enjoy my book.

Yesterday, enjoying the continuing sunshine (for part of the day), the fact that I had finished my paper for the week the previous day, and Victoria Harbour Ferries free rides all morning, I harbour ferry hopped and then wandered markets and shops. After obtaining a hot, soy mocha from one of my favourite coffee standards in the Cook Street Village, I sat on a bench over-looking the ocean and Olympic mountains, reading some more.

Today: it rained and was overcast and muggy. And it fit my mood: I had to work. Goodbye weekend.