Clubs Day

Yesterday and today is clubs day at UVic. I spent a bit of time walking around, picking up free stuff (especially buttons) from the various tables. (My favourite button? The one that says “I’ll blast high tuition fees with my magic tiara.” I wish I had a magic tiara.) Today I checked out the various political clubs because I figured they might be able to tell me who the candidates are in my riding and give me an idea of who I should vote for. If I were to base my vote on the guys sitting at the tables, I would have to say Liberals. The guy was actually able to carry on an intelligent conversation, whereas the NDP’s completely ignored me. However, I like to think that I will be voting with a little more discretion than that.
After reporting my findings to my fellow IVCFers at our table, we got to talking about leaders, in particularity my [lack of] love for the NDP. Our conclusions? Moustaches are creepy.

Karissa, this one’s for you…To see more of the moustache, come out to the Law Building on campus tomorrow, 10:30.

There’s been much in the news lately about the Liberal Ads. What’s with Paul Martin? “I don’t want to have any more of these negative ads.” The next thing we see on TV? A liberal attack ad. (Click on Lisa Laflamme, right side.) Not just any ad, but one which is completely out to lunch (but, “We’re not making this up, we can’t do that”).
A liberal attack ad.
In Canada.
In Canada.
And the funny thing? Few of the Liberal candidates are actually trying to distance themselves from the ads.
So, to quote Andrew Coyne, are we in a place where we need to vote Liberal to keep Duceppe out of Stornoway?

On the Greens, they are willing to look into vote reform, keep personal information personal, create a national cancer fighting stragegy, meet and surpass Kyoto, use environmentally responsible energy sources, responsible health care and education, and more…
I like how they are interested in prevention when it comes to health care, not just treatment. They’ve also proposed tax cuts, but only on environmentally friendly items. I guess that is a good way to encourage people to buy green…


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