Going Green?

I like Thursdays. Actually, the only reason I like Thursdays is that I can sleep in, then get up and listen to The Current on CBC Radio. (Since it starts at 8:37, it is not much of a sleep-in, however since I’m in class by that time any other day, I guess it counts.) This morning, Anna Maria Tremonti was interviewing Jim Harris, leader of the Green Party of Canada. They haven’t been getting much press this election, they were left out of the televised debates, and most leaders don’t seem to view them as much of a threat. So, since I haven’t given them any air time yet on here, I guess I’ll start now. Living in the Saanich-Gulf Islands riding, the Greens are definitely a threat. There is a real possibility of a 4-way spit in this riding, making it really easy for the Green to get their first ever seat right here.
How do they even have a chance? Well, for one thing, their platform, to the extent I have examined it to date, actually makes sense. They are talking fiscal and environmental and social responsibility all in one, which is pretty unheard of in a campaign where Stephen Harper is talking of tearing up Kyoto and Paul Martin of ignoring it.
Someone told me that voting Green is throwing away your vote. I’m not so sure. Maybe it is the message the rest of the parties need – you can have sound environmental policies alongside social and financial ones. It’s worth considering.


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