Feeding Fish

Only on AC’s blog can a discussion of hockey turn into politics. Case in point:

Leafs suck because Torontonians will remain loyal to them regardless of their performance. Just like the Liberals. The Liberals could run geckos as candidates in every Toronto riding and the House of Commons would be full of lizards. Likewise, the Leafs could ice a team of rhesus monkeys on skates with a gibbon in goal and a lemur as head coach, and Torontonians would still pack the place to the rafters. And I say this as a Leafs fan. Those Doug Gilmour/Wendel Clark/Felix Potvin days were great weren’t they? (comment by Raging Ranter.)

I don’t know who this housesitter is for AC while he’s away, but I like him already! I mean, how bad could someone be when their first post is about how bad the Leafs are?!?


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