Reading Break

And thus began the first day of my favourite week of the whole semester: Reading Break.
One thing I have never quite understood, is it a break from reading or a break for reading? Well, regardless, for me, the week will be a break for writing. And some reading too. I have an exam the first Monday back (which is, in my opinion, cruel and unusual punishment on the part of my prof) as well as 2 papers to get a good start on and a third to work on with my group. Did I mention that I am house/teenager sitting this week? And cleaning my house? (Well, maybe not the latter, but it is wishful thinking.)
Today was good though. Went into town in the morning to a great little breakfast place – John’s Place – and met up with a bunch of camp people. We sat and talked for a long while, which was a nice way to start of the day and week. Then Patty and I wandered around downtown for awhile, which you don’t get to do much but which I have managed to do twice in two days. Yay for a week of no classes!

Aside – I’ve been watching the Olympics [way too much watching to be precise] and am slightly concerned with the shots they have on the bobsleds and luges as the athletes go down a training run. Its kinda freaky to be looking straight ahead and see people standing horizontally at the edge of my visual field… these guys are nuts!

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