Too good of a day not to post!

Okay, well it didn’t start out as a great day. I daydreamed through Interpersonal Communication, slept through Cognitive Psyc (I haven’t been feeling well the last few days), came home, had a nap, then went to my seminar fully expecting to play volleyball after it. I got to volleyball and found out I was told the wrong time and the game was actually at 9:30pm instead of 10:30pm, so I came home, slightly bummed because I was looking forward to playing. And that is when things got better! Waiting for me was the mail of the day – a card from friends of mine saying they were going to support me for China and a package from a publishing company. Inside the package was an advance copy of a book by a favourite author that I get to read, review, and post my review on this site! (So stay tuned for that, it will be exciting, I promise!) That is all very exiting for me, and my day got even better when I turned on my computer – I checked my email and I got a letter from my all-time favourite prof expressing his support for China and another contribution! All in one day! Could it get any better?!? Ahhh, bed time. 🙂

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