Coolest News of the Century

Possibly that is a slight exaggeration, but it is still pretty nifty.
For those who don’t know, my Oma was an artist, but we (immediate family – that is my dad, sister, and I) only have 4 of her paintings or drawings. There weren’t that many to go around after she died… until this:

[My uncle’s wife who is a teacher] is on school break this week, so we took the occasion to clean up the basement a bit.
Do you remember a big trunk in [my aunt/dad’s sister’s] room? I never opened it till now. Guess what it contained…
It contains many (over 100 I’m sure) of Mother’s paintings, water colours and some oils. They are beautiful. We just brought them upstairs to air them out a bit (at least 15 years in the basement, I moved here in Feb 1991).
Whenever you come this way, you can look through them, and pick out the ones you want.
[My uncle]

Pretty neat eh??

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