Happy St Patrick’s Day!

In the spirit of today, I am writing in green. I even dressed in green today… not that it is much of a challenge for me to find green in my wardrobe. Tonight IVCF has teamed up with the Navigators and we are having a joint event in Vertigo about U2, St. Patrick, and things Irish. Ought to be good. Really, anything with U2 is bound to be good.
It is amazing how having done absolutely nothing for the past week or so (the result of insane numbers of papers and exams in a small period of time) has left me with absolutely nothing to write/rant about. I could expond on the benefits of breast self-examination and mammography (health psyc – don’t ask) or on whether empathy is an essential aspect of interpersonal communication… however my guess is that is of minimal interest to the general public (heck, its not even that interesting to me). If you’re really lucky, you can hear all about the St Sylvester cycle at Quattro Coronati, Rome in another week or so… that is going to be my latest area of expertise once the paper is completed. Other than that, me talking about having nothing to talk about will have to suffice.
Happy St Patrick’s day…

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