Copywrited music

I bought a new cd the other day. A fantastic cd in fact, by a talented UK musician. (Check out her video (left side) – she does all the music herself!).
But my beef begins when I tried to put it on my iPod (which is miraculously working again), I couldn’t. The music is under the “copy control” thing and they have no agreement with Apple, so I am unable to listen to it on my iPod. Windows Media. Fine. iTunes. Nope. So if I want to listen to this music at all outside of the house, I have to either buy the music off of iTunes music store or resurrect my discman.
While I am all for artists getting fair compensation for their music and not copying it and all that (I buy way too many albums annually to not be for. I could save lots of money if I just ripped it off of other people), I think this is a little too much. Their “content protection” is preventing me from listening to music I have bought fair and square with no intention of copying to give away.

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