1 down, 2 to go…

I wrote my History in Art exam tonight. It was okay. Although it isn’t a good sign when no one had a clue about one of the questions. At least I wasn’t the only clueless one though! The first question was on the frescoes I wrote my paper on. It was slightly hard to condense all 12 pages of my paper into 1 page of an answer for the question… But at least I knew the answer. I told the prof when I handed the exam in that it was nice to have a question I for sure knew the answer to! She said that she once had it when she put a question on the exam only one student had written on and they were the only one to get it wrong… I’m pretty sure history will not repeat itself here though. Oh, and a side note on where history has repeated itself: I am now firmly entrenched in my conviction that writing a paper the night before it is due is the way to go. I got an A on my Art History paper. I believe I started the writing process the afternoon before it was due, went out for a few hours that night, then came home and wrote the rest. There was only 2 hours of sleep that night, however an A is well worth the effort. Although I think it should have been an A+ – thats what the % works out to anyway. Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers, and I really had no clue how to write an Art History paper, so I’ll take the A!
After the exam I went over to Cinecenta to watch Good Night, And Good Luck, the George Clooney film about Edward R. Murrow and how he took on Senator McCartney over his communist witch-hunt. It was pretty good. I (obviously) wasn’t around then, but I thought they did a good job of portraying the struggle.
Well, I’m off to Sechelt tomorrow morning. I, somewhat spontaneously, decided to take a couple days over there visiting my friend Nancy. It is her birthday this week… So everyone say happy birthday Nancy!!!


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