Now I can say I have been to Sechelt! I flew (thats right, flew! It is an insane amount of time on the bus and ferry otherwise) over Tuesday morning and came back this afternoon.
Tuesday ended up being a great day. I got there in time for staff meeting at Nancy‘s church and then got to go out and run all sorts of errands for them. Then we went and got Nanc’s grad photos taken (collar has still not arrived, but she still looks great in that black cap and gown) and then some fantastic crabbing! The crabbing was a bit of an adventure.
First we had to drag the rowboat down to the edge of the water.
We managed that without too much loss of blood or body part. Then, the task was to row out to the crab trap. Problem number 1: We weren’t sure which white buoy was the one attached to the trap so we spent some time wandering around until we found the right one.
Problem number 2: The oar lock collars for both oars were broken and one oar was only 3/4 of a blade with a split down the middle of it. Needless to say, we spent a bit of time going in zig-zags until I mastered the art of rowing hard with one arm and hardly at all with the other.
Mmmm, three big, beautiful crabs were sitting in the crab trap and we got to munch on them for dinner.
Wednesday involved a little bit of sea kayaking. We took the kayaks out a ways along the coast line to a little cabin Nanc almost rented. There was a bit of a tide pulling us one way, but we managed to paddle out. The bottom was quite clear and Nancy made friends with a starfish early on. Later, we saw a gull trying very valiantly to fit an entire starfish in his mouth (somewhat unsuccessfully). When we got to the cabin we beached the kayaks and walked up some stairs a bit to see the view. Then we had to turn around becuase wind had come up and the sea got a bit choppy.

This morning was some wandering around town and seeing more of the sites of Sechelt.
This week I also got to hang out with the various age groups of youth group – jr high on Tuesday, jr kids on Wednesday and the breakfast crowd bright and early this morning. Busy times!!

Of course, the highlight would have to be Nancy’s birthday (and Cam’s Ninja Turtle cake!) and getting to spend some quality time with Nanc. I met her hippie friends and got to try my hand at “shadow jam” – both the shadow and musical parts! “I’m going to get some water, with my daughter.”


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