I love parades!

Victoria has a sweet parade every Victoria Day… I had no idea until today. It was like 3 hours long and there are a zillion marching bands that come up from Washington and Oregon for it (as well as local stuff, like giant Thrifty’s shopping carts). Anyway, Amanda and I went down this morning to check it out. It was raining and so about half an hour in we decided to run across the street to the Starbucks in Chapters and grab a hot chocolate. While we were there, we noticed some empty seats along the 2nd floor window… so we sat down and watched the parade from inside with our drinks. The marching band sound was a little muted, but we could still hear it. I would have to say the best band was the Bob Marley one. I don’t know if that is what they were called, but they all wore hats with long dark dreads coming out of them and tie-dyed shirts – the Bob Marley Band. I couldn’t get a picture becuase my batteries died, but here are some of the hilights…
Ok, cannot upload pics right now for some reason. Check my flickr site for some pics. Will put some new ones on here when I can.

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