Diary of a Soccer Mom

I think that’s what I need to change my blog title to. Well, not “soccer” per ce, but piano, homework, math tutoring, sleep-overs… those are just a few of the things I’m doing lately… Its called my crash course on parenting teenagers. It is a weird balance to maintain – we’re friends, but I’m also boss woman at the moment. Oh, for those of you who are lost, I’m house sitting right now, and staying with a 16 year old girl from my church while her parents are out of town (for a month-ish). Fortunately she is very cool. So yeah, about balance… On top of all of that, I’ve worked full time this week – 5 days, 8 hour days. Its almost more work than school! At least with school I could have been home in the afternoons etc. But now, alas not at all. That will change next week though, when I go back to my customary 1 or 2 days a week work. Oh the joys of being temp and not needed to do much. I work just enough to make a bit of cash, but not enough to get annoyed about working too much.


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