Who do you look like??

So I found this crazy weird site. Actually, my coworker found it and told me about it. But what you do is put your picture in and then it tells you what celebrities you look like. Me being the geek that I am, put a bunch of photos in. There were all sorts of interesting celebrities I apparently look like. Some more so than others I think. Some who appeared are ones I have actually been told I look like before (like Charlize Theron). Others I have never even heard of. I think that the celebrity depends on how my hair is and how big my smile is in the picture (and apparently wearing glasses in a picture automatically means you are matched with Elton John…it happened with a few people I was in pictures with as well as one where I had glasses). Anyway, so the ones who appeared more than once are: Anne Hathaway, Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, Sofia Coppola, Evangeline Lilly, Eva Perron, Allyson Hannigan, Julia Roberts, Mariah Carey, and Jamie Lynn Spears. Yeah, I put about 5 different photos in, so there’s a bit of variety!


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