Well, I was trying to post some photos from my recent ferry trips to and from the Island, but, for some reason, it doesn’t want to let me, so you’ll have to wait. Sorry. But I felt the need to say hi anyway since it has been a few days since I posted last. I’m now back in Vancouver until Friday when we jet off to China for 6 weeks. Crazy times! I’ll keep you posted on how things go and am planning one last post before I leave (more if the mood strikes me).
But, while I’m here, I’ll describe some of my goings on for the last couple of days. The ferry over to Vancouver Friday night was quite fantastic. I love the ferry later at night during the summer because the lighting is quite dramatic. Just as we left Active Pass, the officer of the watch got on the PA to alert us to Orcas ahead, port side. So the entire passenger component of the ship leaped up and rushed port side. Two minutes later, there were orcas ahead starboard side. I had been sitting starboard side the whole trip and hadn’t moved, so I had a fantastic view of the whole thing (and ended up trying to help 6 middle-aged Greek women infront of me locate them. It was quite amusing). It must have been feeding time because that is the only time I ever see the whales out when I’m on the ferry. In any case, they were having a bit of fun, flapping tails all over the place. We ended up with a postcard-perfect view because all of this was going on with Mt Baker in all its glory looming in the background.
In a slightly more amusing and less picturesque anecdote, I was coming over again this afternoon Victoria to Vancouver and there were a [large] number of tourists on the ferry. One couple had the nautical look down to an art – blue and navy striped shirts, 3/4 length pants, and scarves wrapped around their necks with anchors on them… then the woman proceeded to tie another anchor scarf around the man’s head like a bandana… oh dear.

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