Finally Photos

Here are the photos I was going to post the other day after my ferry ride but they wouldn’t upload. Now they will.
Top: Just leaving Active Pass, Vancouver side, with Mt. Baker in the back- ground. I love this lighthouse and take a picture of it nearly everytime I take the ferry and have my camera out.
Middle: Mt. Baker in all its glory with a sailboat in front. I’ll never forget the first time I saw Mt. Baker from the water – it was one of my first SALTS trips. There was some cloud cover, but none of it as high as the peak so it looked like Baker was emerging from some unearthly fog. Kind of creepy.
Bottom: Fraser River outflow. This time it made it almost to the edge of Active Pass. It is kind amazing the amount of silt in that river. Mind you, the Fraser is at peak outflow right now.

And for a story I can’t believe I neglected to write about! Monday on the way over to Victoria on the ferry, I put my hand in my pocket and felt a sharp stinging-feeling on one of my fingers. So I pulled my hand out of my pocket and saw a wasp still attached to it. Lovely. I had a bright purple dot on my finger for about 45 min. That went away and the finger swelled a bit then got really hot. Now it is still a bit swollen and it it crazy itchy. I can’t stop itching it actually. It seems like I am destined to get one crazy wasp sting a year: last year was the bee flying up my shorts while I was biking (almost was enough to get me to buy some of those tight biker shorts) and this year it was a wasp in my pocket. I don’t want to contemplate next year.

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