Did I mention…

…that I’m in Wales playing on beaches and flying kites? Yeah, it was a serious stunt kite that dragged me along the beach a fair ways as I dug my heels in. I managed to do a few things with it and not go tumbling head over heels… (although I did leave some nice long tracks in the sand!) The tide was out so we had a huge expance of beach to play on. The wind was pretty shifty though, so it was tricky for kite flying and we didn’t last long. However, it was a pretty cool beach. A couple of ponies were being ridden down the beach whilst we were packing up the kite and there is a massive ruined castle up on top of the hill overlooking the beach (Llansteffan – pronounced Clanstefan – yay Welsh). Maybe I’ll get some photos up before I get home.
So right now, I’m sitting watching Welsh rugby and they are trouncing the Pacific Islands. The next Welsh rugby game is touted to be a challenge against the Canadians. Against the Canadians. Yes. The Canadians are the next rugby superpower.

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