Hot Fuzz

Went to see Hot Fuzz last night; possibly the funniest movie I’ve seen in awhile (also, haven’t seen many lately, but that is beside the point). Plus, it was filmed in Wells, England, where I spent a few days in November (and loved) so I was constantly recognizing things… (“Ooh, that was my favourite church in England.” “That isn’t really a castle, its a house.” “Hey, I bought something at that shop, and there’s the post office I sent my postcards from.”). Yes, I am a geek, but it was a funny movie.


I took far too many photos in Europe. Some, sadly, will never see the light of day as a result. I was going through them tonight and looking at them again. Here are some of my favourites. Click to enlarge – there are just too many to make them large-format in the post. See if you can figure out where they all are… bonus points if you can identify all the figures from the church entry-way.

Walmart Saga

I swallowed my pride today and went to Walmart. After my experiences with them last month, which were less than good, I pretty much swore I would never go there again despite the fact that they have the cheapest price for developing photos around. Last month, I walked all the way there (an hour) to get some photos developed only to find out when I got there and had already waited in line half an hour that the machine wasn’t working (although I had been assured it was before I left home). Growl. But today, I borrowed the car and drove there (had to go to Best Buy at the same time anyway to exchange a duplicate movie Christmas present and got the Marie Antoinette soundtrack which I quite enjoy) to finally get my Europe photos developed. After dropping them off I went over to Best Buy and did my thing there then headed back to Walmart on the hour they told me the photos would be ready. They weren’t. Not that I was incredibly surprised, there were 400 photos (give or take a dozen or so) in my order after all . However, I had to wait about 30min more. The lady felt bad and she gave me $9 off of my order because I had to wait so long, so I wasn’t complaining. I would have gladly waited another half and hour to save another $9. She handed over my photos and said they were very nice (I guess they look at them as the put them in envelopes) and I left feeling much better about Walmart . Cut to an hour later when I am at home sorting out the photos and I can’t find any of the photos I took in London… or Munich for that matter… or Denmark… or Sweden… or Freiburg… or Galway… hmmm. It turns out, in a Sesame Street sounding way, that Walmart neglected to give me all of the photos that had names “beginning with the letters F, G, H, K, L, and M.” So now I have to go back to Walmart tonight and get them. Suddenly Walmart is not as cool anymore. Maybe I’ll get another $9 off after all.

Yay I’ m home! We made it in one piece, and our bags made it too! We have been welcomed back to Canada with heaps of snow in Vancouver… not sure what exactly is going on here?!? Ah well, I’ll enjoy the -6 degree weather while I can (-18 with windchill apparently… laugh all you want, but this is a big deal for Vancouver!). So now I’m not tired, even though it is 2am in Canada (only 10am in England right now, maybe thats why I’m not tired) and am trying to make myself tired by putting photos on my computer. I’ve gotten through one memory card and have decided to call it a night/morning. More tomorrow or in the next few days as I get the chance. Oh – and too all of you lovely Victoria people to whom I promised a visit – it might not happen as soon as I thought because it looks like I’m going to Ontario for a week on Wednesday (I guess that is now officially tomorrow) to help look after my grandmother. My aunt in Montreal was going to, but she fell and broke her upper arm and hip whilst ice skating, so she’s pretty much not going anywhere. Since I’m unemployed at the moment, off I go. Computer is coming with me, so hopefully the nursing home has wireless (haha… okay, maybe there will be some signal in the area I can steal) and I can keep everyone updated from there. Until then, LONDON PICTURES!!! (Stonehenge and pretty Cathedrals and Roman Baths are on another card…)

Yeoman Warders at the Tower of London
The Tower Bridge

Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Bridge over the Thames, and Westminster Abbey seen from the London Eye
Buckingham Palace (right at the end of the long skinny lake), Houses of Parliament, and 10 Downing Street (British equivalent to 24 Sussex Drive)
The Thames with the London Eye (L) and Big Ben from the Golden Jubilee Footbridge
Big Ben
Buckingham Palace (Video of changing of the guard going up on YouTube when I get around to it)

So Long, Farewell (Europa anyway)

Doo, doo dooo, I’m in London!!!
Actually, I’ve been here for a few days now. Since I last said hi, I’ve been to St. Albans, just north of London from whence we visited Cambridge and London for a day… went to see SPAMALOT on the West End (oh yes I did!!!) and went around the London Eye, and in Westminster Abbey and saw the houses of Parliament… Currently, we’re staying with Natalie’s Uncle and Aunt in Newbury (just west of London, near Reading… “take a ride on the Reading Railroad, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars…”) and we are in London again today for some Changing of the Guard action at Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London. Tomorrow, something else, same with Saturday. Sunday back in town to go to Hillsong Church London for Church and then to check out all the stuff we still wanted to see. This is probably my last post from Europe because on Monday at 10:35 Greenwich Mean Time (that means subtract 5 hours for Ontario/Quebec time and 8 hours for BC time), we are out of hear… to Copenhagen… then Chicago… then VANCOUVER at 10:30pm BC time or some aweful time like that.

Back to England

I’m back in England after a bit of time in Wales… actually, I’ve been back for a bit, just not on the Internet. Currently, I’m in Natalie’s friend’s house in Ramsey, just outside of Southampton. We’ve spent the last 4 nights staying in Wells where they have a sweet cathedral (known for all of the carvings of kings, saints, bishops, etc all over the West Front as well as fun carvings inside like guys with toothaches and people pulling thorns out of feet. I liked the vaulting). From Wells, we did day trips to Salisbury (another sweet Cathedral… very English Gothic, tallest spire in England, more amazing vaulting), Stonehenge (it looks just like it is supposed to look), and Bath (as in Roman Baths, and a cool Cathedral…). Today we’re going to hang out, see the new Bond movie (!!!) – have to see it in England really, and Natalie has decided she needs a new, warmer jacket. Tomorrow, off to St. Albans which is base #1 for exploring London. Home in a week and 2 days… can you believe it???

Gaaaa! Nessie!

I realised that I forgot to let you know where I went in Scotland… well, be in suspense no longer! We went and found Nessie herself:
Natalie posed for a photo in Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness and the next thing we knew, Nessie showed up in the photo!

Did I mention…

…that I’m in Wales playing on beaches and flying kites? Yeah, it was a serious stunt kite that dragged me along the beach a fair ways as I dug my heels in. I managed to do a few things with it and not go tumbling head over heels… (although I did leave some nice long tracks in the sand!) The tide was out so we had a huge expance of beach to play on. The wind was pretty shifty though, so it was tricky for kite flying and we didn’t last long. However, it was a pretty cool beach. A couple of ponies were being ridden down the beach whilst we were packing up the kite and there is a massive ruined castle up on top of the hill overlooking the beach (Llansteffan – pronounced Clanstefan – yay Welsh). Maybe I’ll get some photos up before I get home.
So right now, I’m sitting watching Welsh rugby and they are trouncing the Pacific Islands. The next Welsh rugby game is touted to be a challenge against the Canadians. Against the Canadians. Yes. The Canadians are the next rugby superpower.